Commission Meetings - June 26, 2017 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
June 26, 2017 - 2:00pm

PDF: 2017.06.26_OSB meeting minutes_approved.pdf


Monday, June 26, 2017
2:00 P.M.
City Hall, Room 400
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco, CA 94102
Mark Dwight, President
Stephen Adams, Vice President
Kathleen Dooley, William Ortiz-Cartagena
Irene Yee Riley, Paul Tour-Sarkissian, Miriam Zouzounis
  1. Call to order and roll call.
The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM.
Commissioners Dooley, Dwight, Ortiz-Cartagena, Tour-Sarkissian, Yee Riley, were present.
Commissioners Adams and Zouzounis were absent.
Staff in attendance: Regina Dick-Endrizzi (Executive Director) and Richard Kurylo (Legacy Business Program Manager).
Commissioner Zouzounis arrived at 2:14 PM.
  1. General Public Comment. (Discussion Item)
No members of the public requested to speak.
  1. Approval of Legacy Business Registry Applications and Resolutions. (Discussion and Action Item)
    1. Great American Music Hall (Application No.: LBR-2016-17-086)
    2. Russian Hill Bookstore (Application No.: LBR-2016-17-078)
    3. Shanti Project (Application No.: LBR-2016-17-087)
    4. Spectacles of Union Square (Application No.: LBR-2016-17-082)
Richard Kurylo (Program Manager, Legacy Business Program) informed the Commission that the applications met the criteria for the Legacy Business Registry, and all of the applications received positive recommendations from the Historic Preservation Commission.
Public Comment:
Kaushik Roy spoke in support of the Shanti Project.
Benjamin Bellouin spoke in support of Russian Hill Bookstore.
Dennis Juarez spoke in support of the Great American Music Hall.
Commissioner Dooley praised the Great American Music Hall’s enduring presence in the San Francisco community.
Motion: Commissioner Dooley motioned to motioned to adopt 4 resolutions to include the following 4 applicants in the Legacy Business Registry as Legacy Businesses under Administrative Code Section 2A.242: Great American Music Hall, Russian Hill Bookstore, Shanti Project, and Spectacles of Union Square.
2nd: Commissioner Yee Riley.
Aye: Commissioners Dooley, Dwight, Ortiz-Cartagena, Tour-Sarkissian, Yee Riley, and Zouzounis.
Nay: None.
Absent: Commissioner Adams.
Motion passed 6-0, 1 absent.
  1. Board of Supervisors File No. 170599 – Public Works, Police Codes - Prohibiting Autonomous Delivery Devices on Sidewalks and Right-of-Ways. (Discussion and Possible Action Item)
Erica Maybaum (Legislative Aide, Office of Supervisor Norman Yee) provided an overview of legislation concerning autonomous delivery devices and their potential impact on the city. Ms. Maybaum stated that Supervisor Yee is still in the process of meeting with relevant groups, including advocates, departments, and representatives from the industry. Considering the pending meetings and discussions, Ms. Maybaum requested that the Commission continue the vote to the call of the president; Supervisor Yee’s office would return once the process is completed.
Commissioner Dwight commented that San Francisco is known for innovation, and that it would be inadvisable to impose bans on an industry that is still in its relative infancy. Commissioner Tour-Sarkissian inquired about the definition of ‘autonomous delivery device’ and drew attention to differences between autonomous devices that are empty and devices that contain products. The commissioner also inquired about Daly City’s pilot program, and asked for more information on other such programs.
Commissioner Zouzounis asked about outreach to retailers and the perspectives of the business community. Commissioner Dooley brought up congestion on city sidewalks. Commissioner Yee Riley asked for information on which businesses are involved with the devices outlined in the legislation. Commissioner Tour-Sarkissian asked if any accidents had been reported in connection to these devices, and if there have been responses to reported problems.
Commissioner Dwight pointed out that other applications for the technology could become prominent in the future. Commissioner Tour-Sarkissian commented on the limiting definition that was highlighted in Commissioner Dwight’s comments. Director Dick-Endrizzi offered staff outreach about other uses for the technology.
No action was taken on this item.
  1. Doing Business at the San Francisco International Airport.
Emylene Aspilla (Director of Social Responsibility and Community Sustainability, SFO) reviewed small business regulations and procedures for conducting business at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). She provided an overview of the airport's contributions to the city and outlined how San Francisco businesses can benefit from working with SFO.
Commissioner Dwight expressed appreciation for the emphasis SFO places on selling locally made products. Commissioner Tour-Sarkissian asked whom people can contact if they are interested in doing business at SFO, and asked about future scheduled workshops. Commissioner Ortiz-Cartagena commended SFO for its dedication to making small businesses feel welcome in what can be an intimidating environment. Commissioner Dooley also asked for information about workshops. Director Dick-Endrizzi offered to forward schedules and general information to the Commissioners. Commissioner Yee Riley also spoke in support of the program.
  1. Approval of meeting minutes. (Action Item)
Motion: Commissioner Yee Riley motioned to approve the June 12, 2017 draft meeting minutes and the May 22, 2017 draft meeting minutes.
2nd: Commissioner Dooley.
Aye: All in favor.
Nay: None.
Absent: Commissioner Adams.
Motion passed, 6-0, 1 absent.
  1. Director’s Report. (Discussion Item)
Director Dick-Endrizzi provided an update on the status of the final budget, developments in the Legacy Business program, legislation concerning lactation in the workplace and flavored tobacco, the California Redemption Value (CRV), and announced the cancellation of the August 28 commission meeting.
Public Comment: No members of the public requested to speak.
  1. Commissioners’ Reports. (Discussion Item)
Public Comment: No members of the public requested to speak.
  1. New Business. (Discussion Item)
Commissioner Zouzounis inquired if there are available mechanisms in the Controller’s Office or other bodies to track the impact of legislation, and inquired about the status of a ban on filtered cigarettes. Director Dick-Endrizzi stated that it is possible to submit a written request for any such data.  
Public Comment: No members of the public requested to speak.
In Memoriam: Commissioner Dwight delivered remarks in memory of UPS drivers Wayne Chan and Michael Lefiti, who lost their lives in the shooting that had taken place two weeks prior.
  1. Adjournment. (Action Item)
Motion: Commissioner Ortiz-Cartagena motioned to adjourn.
2nd: Commissioner Dooley.
Aye: All in favor.
Nay: None.
Absent: Commissioner Adams.
Motion passed, 6-0, 1 absent.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:12 PM.