Rent Stabilization Grant

About the Rent Stabilization Grant

In November 2015, the voters of San Francisco approved Proposition J, which established the Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund and directed the Office of Small Business to award Rent Stabilization Grants to landlords that enter into agreements with Legacy Businesses in order to promote the long-term stability of Legacy Businesses and help Legacy Businesses remain in the city. Subject to budgetary and fiscal provisions, the Office of Small Business shall award an annual grant to a landlord that enters into an agreement with a Legacy Business that leases real property in San Francisco to the Legacy Business for a term of at least 10 years or extends the term of the Legacy Business' existing lease to at least 10 years, for each year of a lease or each year that was added to an existing lease. Conditions apply. Following are links to the grant documents and the San Francisco Administrative Code.


Initial Grant Application

If you have not previously received a Rent Stabilization Grant, or if you have entered into a new lease since you last received a Rent Stabilization Grant (or extended an existing lease), please use the following Rent Stabilization Grant Initial Application form.

Rent Stabilization Grant Instructions - Initial Grant

Rent Stabilization Grant Application - Initial Grant


Grant Re-Application

The Rent Stabilization Grant is an annual grant and must be reapplied for on or before the anniversary date of the first grant payment. Have you previously applied for, and received, a Rent Stabilization Grant from the Office of Small Business? If so, and you believe you qualify for an additional year of Rent Stablization Grant funding under an existing lease to a Legacy Business, use the following form to apply for that additional year of funding.

Rent Stabilization Grant Re-Application



Rent Stabilization Grant Rules and Regulations

San Francisco Adminstrative Code Section 2A.242: Legacy Business Registry

San Francisco Administrative Code Section 2A.243: Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund