Accessible Business Entrance Program

Effective May 22, 2016, the Accessible Business Entrance Program requires property owners of buildings with a “place of public accommodation” to have primary entrances and entrance routes into the building accessible to people with disabilities. Barriers to accessible entrances include steps to entryways, door handles requiring grasping or twisting of the wrist, sloping or narrow doorways and uneven flooring. If you are a business serving members of the public directly, the property owner of the building will need to make sure your entrance complies with the new ordinance. Businesses should review the information on this page for guidance on how this could affect you. Click here for details.

ADA Requirements and Resources

Making your business accessible is not a one time endeavor, it is an ongoing responsibility.  Various state and federal disability access laws apply to small businesses in California.  Non-compliance can result in significant expense from defending and settling "drive-by" lawsuits. In these sections, we help you navigate the complex rules and regulations surrounding ADA requirements, ways to bring your business into compliance and mitigate possible lawsuits, and resources that can help you along the way. Remember, accessibility is good for business!  For details, visit our ADA Requirements and ADA Resources pages.

Landlord Notification Requirements Regarding Disability Access


Starting January 1, 2013, commercial property landlords have the obligation of making disability access improvements and providing required notifications when entering into or amending a lease of a property between to 5,001 and 7,500 square feet of space.  Effective June 1, 2013, the requirement expanded to properties fewer than 5000 square feet of space.  Click here for more details.

Kiva Zip Trustee

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The Office of Small Business is a trustee with Kiva Zip.  San Francisco small businesses now have a new way to access 0% interest loans to help them start and grow their business.  Kiva Zip loans are crowd-funded by individual lenders on the Kiva Zip website, connecting small businesses with dozens of lenders who can be potential brand ambassadors, customers, and mentors.  As a trustee, the Office of Small Business will work to identify and endorse qualified borrowers.  See additional loan information and criteria below.

Small Business Week

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San Francisco Small Business Week is a public/private partnership first formed in 2005 to honor and support the more than 85,000 thousand small businesses and entrepreneurs that call San Francisco home.  As part of National Small Business Week, and celebrate the contributions and achievements of small business owners by offering a series of educational and networking events designed to inspire, educate and connect the members of our business community.

San Francisco Small Business Week is the largest small business week in the United States and produced by a volunteer committee represented by the US Small Business Administration, The City and County of San Francisco, Office of the Mayor and Office of Small Business, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center & San Francisco Economic Development Alliance, San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce, Council of District Merchants Association, the Golden Gate Business Association, and Straus Events.  
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Small Business Week Mayor and Board of Supervisors Honorees.

Open In SF
Point of contact for food-based businesses opening in San Francisco

Mayor Lee has set a priority to support the 80,000 small businesses that are at the core of San Francisco’s identity, economy, and workforce, and to make it easier for San Franciscans to open, operate, or grow a small business. As part of this effort, Office of Economic and Workforce Development launched the San Francisco Business Portal in 2014 as a comprehensive online business resource. The Small Business Acceleration Program is the next step in this effort. The program is an interagency collaboration that provides direct services to assist individuals in San Francisco who are working through the permitting process to open a small business.  Click here for more information.

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