The Small Business Commission (the Commission) reviews pertinent small business legislation and policy matters and makes recommendations to the sponsor of the legislation, including the Mayor, Board of Supervisors, or Department. With your comments, the Commission will be better equipped to advocate for you and your business. This page lists current and recent legislation of interest to the Small Business Commission, legislative briefs, position letters, memos to the Clerk of the Board, and resolutions that have been adopted by the Commission. To alert the Commission of additional legislation or to submit comments, please email us.

Small Business Commission meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 5:30 PM in Room 400. Please check back periodically for changes and special meeting times. Commission meetings are open to the public and broadcast live on SFGTV. We encourage your attendance and public comment. You may send written public comments ahead of the meeting to SBC@sfgov.org. You may also email the Board of Supervisors at Board.Of.Supervisors@sfgov.org or go to www.sfbos.org to locate the contact information for individual Supervisors and their staff.

Legislation and Policy Briefs
Resolutions, Position Letters, and Memos to the Clerk of the Board

Legislation and Policy Briefs

Resolutions, Position Letters and Memos to the Clerk of the Board Adopted by the Small Business Commission
The Small Business Commission regularily adopts resolutions for businesses to be placed on the Legacy Business Registry and in support of certain public policy positions or to encourage an action by a particular individual, organization, or group. The Commission also submit policy position letters to the Office of the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, and other Commissions on an as needed basis. The Commission also regularly submits memos to the Clerk of the Board after they have taken action on certain legislative matters that have been referred for their review.  All are listed below. 

Small Business Commission Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter
Memo to the Clerk: Small Business Commission Response to BOS File No. 200455 - Emergency Ordinance - Temporary Right to Reemployment Following Layoff Due to COVID-19 Pandemic 
Memo to the Economic Recovery Task Force: Recommendations for Recovery and Rebuilding

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Letter to the Office of the Mayor: Recommendations for the fourth and subsequent Federal Economic Stimulus Packages
Office of Small Business Staff Memo to the Commission: Recommendations for the fourth and subsequent Federal Economic Stimulus Packages
Resolution No. 001-2020: Small Business Support -COVID-19
Legacy Business Program Resolutions

Resolution No. 002-2019: Economic Mitigation Measures
Resolution No. 001-2019: Minimum Franchise Tax
Legacy Business Program Resolutions

Legacy Business Program Resolutions

Legacy Business Program Resolutions

Resolution No. 001-16 Super Bowl 50
Resolution No. 002-16: Legacy Business Program - Legacy Business Registry - Historical Preservation Fund Business Assistance Grant
Legacy Business Program Resolutions

Resolution No. 001-13: Supporting SF Small Business Development Center Proposal

Resolution No. 001-11: Supporting Small Businesses Displaced by the America's Cup Racing Event and Facilities
Resolution No. 002-11: Supporting the Passage of Senate Bill 32 (Leno)
Resolution No. 003-11: Supporting the Passage of Assembly Bill 153 (Skinner)

Resolution No. 001-10: Supporting the Passage of SB 1373 (Leno)
Resolution No. 002-10: Requesting that the City Attorney Submit an Amicus Curiae Brief in Support of the Adverse Judgement Against Les Jankey in California Supreme Court Case No. S180890, Jankey v. Lee

Resolution No. 001-09: Urging the Board of Supervisors not to support a municipal election to be held June 2, 2009, for the purpose of submitting revenue and fiscal measures to the voters

Resolution No. 002-08 Supporting Small Businesses Facing Serial Lawsuits