Small Business Commissioners

Sharky Laguana, President

Miriam Zouzounis, Vice-President

Stephen Adams, Commissioner

Lawanda Dickerson, Commissioner

Kathleen Dooley, Commissioner

Cynthia Huie, Commissioner

William Ortiz-Cartagena, Commissioner


Sharky Laguana Sharky Laguana, President |

Sharky Laguana is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bandago, a company that rents passenger vans throughout the United States. Bandago specializes in providing passenger vans to professional touring musicians, and also provides vehicles to families, corporations, churches and governments. He has grown the business from a single van parked in front of his basement apartment on Hampshire Street, to a fleet of hundreds of vehicles at locations across the United States. Bandago participates in numerous charitable activities including being the lead sponsor for McKinley Elementary's Dogfest for several years running, and donating numerous vehicles and assets to support fire victims affected by the recent fires in Northern California.

In 2019 Sharky founded a new company, Campago, which rents unique camper vans.

Sharky serves on the American Car Rental Association's Board of Directors. ACRA is the primary trade association for the car rental industry, and its members provide 98% of all rental cars in the United States. As a board member he has been an advocate for consumers, and was proud to participate in successfully lobbying congress for a federal ban on renting vehicles with open safety recalls (Raechel and Jacqueline Houck Safe Rental Car Act). In 2018 he led the effort to pass AB 2620, a California state law that helps reduce the number of rental vehicles stolen in California. He has also worked with the SF District Attorney's office to reduce the number of car break-ins in San Francisco. 

Previously Sharky was the songwriter and guitarist for the band Creeper Lagoon, a critically acclaimed band in the late 90's (voted Best New Artist in SPIN magazine in 1997) that released several albums on the major label Dreamworks. He is a strong supporter of the arts community, and as Commissioner will be looking for opportunities to help artists maintain viable careers while living in the City. 

Commissioner Zouzounis    Miriam Zouzounis, Vice-President |

Miriam is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in History, and has continued her studies at the City College of San Francisco.

She is the West Coast Partner for Terra Sancta Trading Company -- a small import company specializing in Beer, Wine and Spirits from the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean. She also helps her family run their corner store and deli, Ted’s Market, which is in the South of Market neighborhood. Miriam has also worked for the U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Miriam has a keen interest in economic theory and application and is a board member in several trade associations and merchant groups. With a community organizing background, Miriam has developed skills and knowledge of the City at a level that has allowed her to be an advocate for the communities she grew up in and serves.

She has been involved in legislation affecting small businesses and impacted communities, including; the San Francisco Language Access Ordinance; Safe San Francisco Civil Rights Ordinance (2012); Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee, (2015);Tobacco Retail Density Ordinance (2014); Healthy Food Retailer Ordinance (2014); Produce Delivery Model Working Group; Formula Retail Conditional Use Controls and Formula Retail Subsidiary Policy Working Group (2015); CalRecycle’s Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act (2015) etc. 


Commission President Stephen Adams    Stephen Adams, Commissioner |

Stephen Adams is an Asset Manager at the Seligman Group, a leader in development, acquisition, and management of commercial and residential properties throughout the western United States. He also serves as President of the Seligman Family Foundation. He is known for his accomplishments and advocacy in community organizations throughout the city.

As Board President of Castro Merchants from 2007 to 2013, and currently an active member, Stephen worked with the mayor’s office of economic development, LGBT Center and Castro Community Benefits District to develop a successful program that resulted in the Upper Market and Castro commercial districts consistently having the lowest retail business vacancy in the city. He also drove the creation of a Farmers Market in the Upper Market NCD, helped attract the MILK filming to the neighborhood, created a neighborhood retail brochure that is distributed in hotels and visitors centers in SF, and significantly enhanced the merchant holiday promotion. Stephen has also served as Vice Chairman the Board of Project Open Hand and was on the board of the Golden Gate Business Association for several years.

For 31 years, Stephen worked at Sterling Bank & Trust as a banker dedicated to supporting small businesses in San Francisco neighborhoods. He expanded the Sterling Bank & Trust network from one to fourteen branches throughout his tenure at the bank. He also pioneered and implemented the TIC mortgage program that supports home ownership and small business loan programs that help local businesses grow.

Photo Commissioner DickersonLawanda Dickerson, Commissioner |
Lawanda Dickerson is the owner and operator of U3Fit. She is a Health & Wellness Life Coach/Certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine/Certified Personal trainer/ Certified Nutrition Fitness Specialist/Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist/ Certified Weight loss Specialist/Motivational and Public Speaker.

She has operated her business since 2016 and in 2018 she opened a brick and mortar. She has helped hundreds of people, especially in the Bayview District of San Francisco, get on track with their health and wellness needs- including weight loss, customized nutrition plans, relationship and career coaching, group trainings, and overall helping improve their quality of life. Her personal journey has led her to teach and coach as she personally overcame obesity, declining health issues and genetic diseases.

Lawanda has worked alongside Bayview YMCA in writing the personal training program and wellness coaching for members.  She also teaches one of the largest Hip Fit Boot Camp classes at the Bayview YMCA.

U3Fit holds annual retreats and we have bi-monthly events along with our U3Fit Annual Holiday Gala.  U3Fit treats all that come like family.

Lawanda has the knowledge and experience to help people eliminate plateaus on their health and wellness journey. With scientific studies based on customized individual assessments, she has found great success with her clients. Lawanda’s training and conditioning is for the physical body, but she also helps condition their minds and the way they think about themselves, which helps them see who they really are. Once you believe you can, you will, and the body will follow. They gain the power to take charge of their lives to create the body and lifestyle to propel them into their purpose.  Her passion is for people to see how God works in us and through us for the good of all mankind and helps us to discover what the best part of us truly is!

Lawanda is happily married to her husband of 30 years. They have raised 7 children- 2 biological and 5 adopted. Her desire is to have the U3fit Health & Wellness Center in the Bayview help the community continue to thrive.


 Commissioner Dooley    Kathleen Dooley, Commissioner |

Kathleen Dooley is a 30 year resident of Telegraph Hill and a longtime North Beach small business owner. After graduating from Mills College, and a stint in NYC, she moved to San Francisco in 1983 and established Columbine Floral Design in 1985. After 20 years as a shopowner on Grant Avenue in North Beach, she transitioned to freelance design in 2005 and continues to provide custom designs for both businesses and private clients throughout the City. She has been an active neighborhood leader for many years, serving 2 terms on the Board of Directors of the Telegraph Hill Dwellers. She co-founded the North Beach Merchants Association in 2003, now known as the North Beach Business Association, and currently is serving as Treasurer.

During her service on the Board of the NBMA, Dooley has become active as a local liaison between small business owners who are being targeted with ADA compliance lawsuits and City government. As Commissioner, she plans to continue to work to develop comprehensive City issued informational tools that will both assist small businesses to clearly understand ADA compliance requirements and also guide them to resources that will help them fulfill these obligations in an affordable manner.

Cynthia Huie Cynthia Huie, Commissioner |
Cynthia Huie founded Seedstore, a beloved men’s and women’s clothing shop in the City's vibrant Inner Richmond neighborhood, with her sister Jennifer. The shop curated a well-balanced assortment of established lines with new independent designers, often giving a platform and space for emerging new brands, makers, and artists. 

She also actively manages her husband, Dr. Michael Chan's oral surgery practice which was established by his father in 1979. Cynthia is well versed in healthcare/dental practice management and continues to volunteer her time for international dental missions as well as free clinics domestically. She loves working in family businesses and finds joy in working with different industries and sectors.

With her knowledge of healthcare and understanding of the City's Richmond District community, she was asked in 2014 to join the Board of Directors at RAMS, Inc. (Richmond Area Multi-Services) a private, non-profit mental health agency that is committed to advocating for and providing community-based, culturally competent, and consumer-guided comprehensive services, with an emphasis on serving Asian & Pacific Islander Americans.  

For 8 years, she has also served as President of the Clement Street Merchants Association. Under her leadership and working in collaboration with then Supervisor Eric Mar, she brought in District 1's first parklet, a thriving Farmers Market, and a beautiful mural by local artist Jason Jagel.

Born and raised in the East Bay and a resident of San Francisco's West Portal neighborhood since 2004, she has deep roots in the Bay Area and is proud to be an advocate for the small business community. 

Commissioner Ortiz-Cartagena    William Ortiz-Cartagena, Commissioner |

William Ortiz-Cartagena, born and raised in the San Francisco’s Mission District has over ten years in the hospitality industry enjoying a successful career with Joie de Vivre hospitality. After leaving Joie de Vivre, William founded several companies and now focuses his efforts in the challenges experienced by underserved communities in San Francisco. William also serves on the board of the Mission Economic Development Agency.   

Commissioners may also be contacted through the Commission Secretary at:

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