Legacy Business Grant

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New Legacy Business Grant for Active Legacy Businesses

The San Francisco Office of Small Business has created a new Legacy Business Grant with grant awards based on business type and property ownership. The grant was issued on November 15, 2021, and is due at 5:00 p.m. PST on Friday, January 14, 2022. All active Legacy Businesses between November 15 and January 14 are eligible to apply.

Legacy Business Grant Rules 

The Office of Small Business has adopted Legacy Business Grant Rules, available below in multiple languages:

English: Legacy Business Grant Rules, Fiscal Year 2021-22

中文 (Chinese): 2021-22 會計年度撥款規定

Español (Spanish): Reglas de Subsidios, año fiscal 2021-22

日本語 (Japanese): 助成金規則 2021~22年度

한국인 (Korean): 부여 규칙, 2021-22 회계 연도

Apply Now

Legacy Businesses can submit applications online, or can email, hand-deliver, or mail completed applications:

Click here for the online application


Click the links below for a PDF application, available in multiple languages:

English: Grant Application, Fiscal Year 2021-22 (PDF)

中文 (Chinese)2021-22 會計年度補助金申請 (PDF)

Español (Spanish): Solicitudde subsidioaño fiscal 2021-22 (PDF)

日本語 (Japanese): 助成金交付申請書 2021~22 年度

한국인 (Korean): 보조금 신청서, 2021-22 회계 연도

Supplier Set-Up 

If you apply for a Legacy Business Grant, you must set up your business as a "Supplier" with the City and County of San Francisco, which will be necessary for payment of grants. There is no cost to get set up as a Supplier. Click the links below for guidelines regarding the Supplier set-up process, available in multiple languages:

English: Supplier Set-Up Process 

中文 (Chinese)供應商設置流程

Español (Spanish): Proceso de Registro de Proveedores

日本語 (Japanese): サプライヤー登録手順

한국인 (Korean): 공급업체 설정을 위한 실천 사항

Step 5 in the Supplier set-up process (demonstrating compliance with the Equal Benefits Ordinance, also known as "Chapter 12B") is required for this grant. Click here for a Chapter 12B Equal Benefits Complete Compliance Guide. Note that 12B declarations must be filed online. Paper and PDF versions are not accepted. Contact the Equal Benefits Unit at cmd.equalbenefits@sfgov.org or 415-581-2310 for assistance walking through the compliance process.