Suppliers with the City and County of San Francisco

As of May 21, 2018, the following Legacy Businesses are compliant Suppliers with the City and County of San Francisco and are able to do business with the City:

Accion Latina (Supplier ID 0000026330)

Analytical Psychology Club of SF (Supplier ID 0000027993)

Babylon Burning Screen Printing, Inc. (Supplier ID 0000030441)

Bay Area Video Coalition, Inc. (Supplier ID 0000024597)

Blue Bear School of Music (Supplier ID 0000024213)

The Booksmith (Supplier ID 0000019109)

Books Inc. (Supplier ID 0000022448)

Bo's Flower Stand (Supplier ID 0000024125)

Boudin Bakery (Supplier ID 0000025431)

Brazen Head Inc. (Supplier ID 0000027429)

Brownies Hardware (Supplier ID 0000022117)

Cable Car Clothiers (Supplier ID 0000028255)

Cartoon Art Museum (Supplier ID 0000023284)

Chinese Historical Society of America (Supplier ID 0000022941)

City Lights Books (Supplier ID 0000028002)

Clarion Music Center (Supplier ID 0000022723)

Cole Hardware (Supplier ID 0000022587)

Community Boards (Supplier ID 0000022482)

Dance Brigade (Dance Mission Theater) (Supplier ID 0000009750)

DNA Lounge (Supplier ID 0000028154)

Doc's Clock (Supplier ID 0000021282)

Donaldina Cameron House (Supplier ID 0000021238)

EROS (Supplier ID 0000024073)

Escape From New York Pizza (Supplier ID 0000020476)

FLAX art & design (Supplier ID 0000020108)

Gilmans Kitchens and Baths (Supplier ID 0000027556)

Golden Bear Sportswear (Supplier ID 0000019431)

Green Apple Books (Supplier ID 0000019277)

Gypsy Rosalie's Wigs & Vintage (Supplier ID 0000019158)

Henry's House of Coffee (Supplier ID 0000018876)

Image Conscious (Supplier ID 0000018494)

Instituto Familiar de la Raza (Supplier ID 0000018301)

Joe's Ice Cream (Supplier ID 0000028054)

Knights' Catering (Supplier ID 0000016843)

Lone Star Saloon (Supplier ID 0000024503)

Luxor Cab Company (Supplier ID 0000016033)

Macchiarini Creative Design and Metalworks (Supplier ID 0000015949)

Mission Neighborhood Health Center (Supplier ID 0000014943)

Moby Dick (Supplier ID 0000014891)

Navarro's Kenpo Karate Studio (Supplier ID 0000014432)

Nihonmachi Little Friends (Supplier ID 0000014248)

Oddball Films (Supplier ID 0000013986)

Pacific Café (Supplier ID 0000013680)

Phoenix Arts Association Theatre (Supplier ID 0000013177)

Pier 23 Café (Supplier ID 0000013151)

Precita Eyes Muralists Association, Inc. (Supplier ID 0000012928)

Project Open Hand (Supplier ID 0000012810)

Red and White Fleet (Supplier ID 0000012394)

Roxie Theatre (Supplier ID 0000011921)

Ruby's Clay Studio & Gallery (Supplier ID 0000011885)

Sacred Grounds Café (Supplier ID 0000009618)

San Francisco Heritage (Supplier ID 0000011636)

San Francisco Prosthetic Orthotic Service (Supplier ID 0000011789)

SF Party (Supplier ID 0000016888)

Shanti Project (Supplier ID 0000011129)

Specs' 12 Adler Museum Cafe (Supplier ID 0000010647)

St. Francis Fountain (Supplier ID 0000010587)

Zeitgeist (Supplier ID 0000012447)