Small Business Commission

Small Business Commission 2015

Small Business Commission Mission Statement

To equitably support, preserve and protect small businesses in San Francisco. We provide high quality direct services and programs, drive practical policy solutions, and serve as a champion for San Francisco’s diverse small business community.

About the Commission (Article IV: Section 4.134)

The Small Business Commission (SBC) oversees the Office of Small Business (OSB), The SBC reviews pertinent legislation and policy matters and makes recommendations to the Mayor, Board of Supervisors, or other City Agencies to its impact on small business.

The Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor (four) and the Board of Supervisors (three). Seats 1-5 must be an "owner, operator, or officer of a San Francisco small business." Seat 6 must be a "current or former owner, operator, or officer of a San Francisco small business." Seat 7 must be an "officer or representative of a neighborhood economic organization or an expert in small business finance."

Commission meetings are held the second and foruth Monday of the month in City Hall, Room 400 beginning at 4:30PM unless otherwise noted. Commission meetings are open to the public and broadcasted live on SFGovTV. COVID-19 NOTICEDue to the COVID-19 health emergency and to protect our Commission members, Office of Small Business and other CCSF staff, and members of the public, the Commission’s Meeting Room (Room 400) is closed. Meetings are held remotely via Webex. Full details are available on the Commission Meetings page.

View the Small Business Commission Meeting through SFGOVTV


Small Business Commission Rules of Order, 9 pages (PDF)

Office of Small Business 2013/2014 Strategic Plan, 2 pages (PDF)

Office of Small Business 2013 Streamlining Report, 52 pages (PDF)

Office of the Controller 2015: Improving San Francisco’s Restaurant Permitting Processes

Small Business Commission Presenter Guidelines


Contact the Commission at:

Small Business Commission
City Hall, Room 140
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: 415.554.6481
Fax: 415.558.7844