Step 8. Hire Your Workforce

Now that you're ready to hire, what steps do you need to follow and which labor regulations do you need to adhere to?  Follow our step-by-step guide "What You Need to Know About Hiring Employees." (PDF)

The Office of Economic and Workforce Development works to assist employers find highly qualified job candidates, as well as to help job seekers find available positions. The primary avenue for doing this is through several Neighborhood Access Points throughout San Francisco. The San Francisco workforce development system actively recruits and trains thousands of local residents every year, preparing them to enter or re-enter the workforce with the most up-to-date skills to be of benefit to local companies across all industry sectors. Business Services Specialists can provide you with access to qualified applicants who have been pre-screened for employer requirements, and workforce staff can provide employee retention services even after hire. Also, Access Points are available to local employers for free onsite recruitment and interviewing events. Put this public space to work for you! 

Bayview Neighborhood Access Point: 1715 Yosemite Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124: Tel: 415-822-3941
Chinatown Neighborhood Access Point: 601 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133: Tel: 415-677-7500
Comprehensive Neighborhood Access Point: 1500 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103: Tel: 415-575-4570
Mission Neighborhood Access Point: 2301 Mission Street, Suite 301, San Francisco, CA 94110: Tel: 415-282-3334
Western Addition Neighborhood Access Point: 1449 Webster Street, San Francisco, CA 94115: Tel: 415-549-7000
Visitacion Valley Neighborhood Access Point: 1099 Sunnydale Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94134: Tel: 415-239-8705


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The San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development has also recently launched HireSF, an online portal to connect businesses and job seekers in San Francisco—no need to leave your home or office! As an employer you can post a job and find candidates to fill your positions.

Hiring Incentives

There are a number of incentives and subsidies available to San Francisco businesses to help them hire or train qualified employees.

On-the-Job Subsidized Training
Hiring new employees always involves some risk, but Business Services can work with you to find candidates who are eligible for a wage reimbursement of up to 50% (max of $6,000) when training is provided on the job.

For more information, contact a Business Services Representative at or 415-701-4848.

Employer Training Panel Funds and Customized Training
One of the biggest challenges companies must face is maintaining a workforce that is skilled enough to innovate, compete, and ultimately grow. To achieve this, Business Services Specialists can consult with you to design training for your existing workforce, facilitate the search for third party training providers, and connect you with funds to offset many costs. 

For more information, contact a Business Services Representative at or 415-701-4848.

Rapid Response
In the event of a layoff free outplacement services can be provided through Business Services’ Rapid Response unit, helping affected employees to quickly connect with Unemployment Insurance, COBRA, and One-Stop services including job counseling, subsidized training opportunities, and ultimately job placement assistance. Quickly utilizing Rapid Response services helps ensure your company’s compliance with state and Federal WARN Act requirements and also aids your employees in quickly transitioning to new employment, minimizing the length of their unemployment insurance claims.

For more information, contact a Business Services Representative at or 415-701-4848. 

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