Commission Meetings - May 8, 2017 - Supporting Documents

Meeting Date: 
May 8, 2017 - 5:30pm
City Hall Room 400
San Francisco, CA 94102

Item 3: Approval of Legacy Business Registry Applications and Resolutions. 

Item 3a. LBR-2016-17-069 BrainWash.pdf

Item 3b. LBR-2016-17-043 California Historical Society of America.pdf

Item 3c. LBR-2016-17-045 Gino and Carlo.pdf

Item 3d. LBR-2016-17-076 Noriega Produce.pdf


Item 4: BOS File No. 170441 (Flavored Tobacco Products)

Legislative Digest; Legislation

PDF icon 170441_Legislative Background

Item 5: BOS File No. 170240 (Workplace Lactation)

Legislative Digest; Legislation; Policy Overview; Legislative Background

Item 6: BOS File No. 170443 (Outdoor Amplified Sound Permits)

Legislative Digest; Legislation

Item 7: Draft Ordinance Public Works Code - Waiver of Temporary Street Space Occupancy Fee for Small Business Week Sidewalk Sales

2017 Draft Fee Waiver Ordinance