Commission Meetings - March 13, 2017 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
March 13, 2017 - 5:30pm

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Monday, March 13, 2017
5:30 P.M.
City Hall, Room 400
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco, CA 94102
Mark Dwight, President
Stephen Adams, Vice President
Kathleen Dooley, William Ortiz-Cartagena
Irene Yee Riley, Paul Tour-Sarkissian, Miriam Zouzounis
  1. Call to order and roll call.
The meeting was called to order at 5:32 PM.
Commissioners Adams, Dooley (arrived at 5:36 PM), Dwight, Tour-Sarkissian, Yee Riley (arrived at 5:37 PM), and Zouzounis were present.
Commissioner Ortiz-Cartagena was absent.
Staff in attendance: Regina Dick-Endrizzi (Executive Director) and Menaka Mahajan (Senior Policy Analyst).
  1. General Public Comment. (Discussion Item)
No members of the public requested to speak.
  1. Discussion and Possible Action to make recommendations on Board of Supervisors File No. 170203 - Planning Code - Article 7 Reorganization; Technical and Other Amendments. (Discussion and Possible Action Item)
Aaron Starr (Manager of Legislative Affairs, Planning Department) provided historical background on the Planning Code. He discussed proposed changes in Article 7, outreach efforts, and amendments in response to community concerns.
Commissioners Dwight and Zouzounis asked about formula retail. Commissioner Adams commented that the reorganization is long overdue.
Commissioner Yee Riley asked about attendance at outreach events, reactions and feedback, and whether changes will have an impact on existing businesses. Mr. Starr responded that attendance was light and reactions were mixed. He hopes it won’t impact existing businesses; the greatest impact would be felt by new businesses. Fine grained controls in neighborhoods are allowed. The reorganization could help future businesses by making the Planning Code easier to understand and allow for more consistent info from the Planning Info Center.
Commissioner Dooley asked whether simplification should take precedence over preserving the unique needs of each neighborhood and commented that some of the inadvertent deletions were not necessarily positive. Mr. Starr replied that consistency and specialization are simultaneously possible. Commissioner Dwight requested clarification of the concern and noted that the reorganization is not designed to add new definitions.
Commissioners Zouzounis and Tour-Sarkissian asked whether indoor and/or outdoor seating would be allowed at specialty grocery. Commissioner Dwight requested clarification regarding Whole Foods. Mr. Starr responded that seating would no longer be allowed at specialty grocery; Whole Foods, in contrast, is general grocery and seating is allowed.
Commissioner Zouzounis asked about off sale liquor, whether square footage parameters had changed, and what triggers Conditional Use (CU) authorization. She also asked about existing uses. Mr. Starr responded that square footage hadn’t changed, that the zoning controls specify CU requirements, and existing uses could continue in perpetuity.
Commissioner Dwight called upon people watching the meeting to check the zoning control tables and to discuss concerns with Mr. Starr as soon as possible. He asked about past changes, the consequent issues, and whether additional clean up would be expected. Mr. Starr offered the Article 2 reorganization example (within 6 months, they cleaned it up) and clarified timelines. The legislation is under a 30 day hold and then scheduled at the Land Use Committee.
Commissioner Tour-Sarkissian asked whether amusement arcades would still be considered ‘other entertainment,’ whether they require CU, and if making changes would become more difficult. Mr. Starr responded with history on amusement arcade controls, the recent uptick in businesses wanting to open arcades, and the corresponding decision to leave arcades as an individual rather than general use. The legislation does not affect the process for changing the Code.
Commissioner Tour Sarkissian asked about mobile food operators and whether bakeries would be treated the same way in each neighborhood. Commissioner Dooley added clarification that North Beach was concerned about bakeries being converted to limited restaurants. Mr. Starr noted that other districts could add similar provisions with another ordinance.
Public Comment: Stephen Cornell commented that the Council of District Merchants Association (CDMA) and greater small business community had not received notice.
Commissioner Adams proposed that the SBC hear from more merchant groups. The Commission took no action.
  1. Approval of meeting minutes. (Action Item)
Public Comment: No members of the public requested to speak.
Motion: Commissioner Adams motioned to approve the February 27, 2017 draft regular meeting minutes.
2nd: Commissioner Dooley.
Aye: All in favor.
Nay: None.
Absent: Commissioner Ortiz-Cartagena.
Motion passed 6-0, 1 absent.
  1. Director’s Report. (Discussion Item)
Director Dick-Endrizzi provided an update on the Legacy Business Program, newly referred legislation, Small Business Week (May 15-20 at the Hilton), and staff outreach to help small business be early at the table. Ms. Mahajan explained new procedures for sending documents to the Commission.
  1. Commissioners’ Reports. (Discussion Item)
            Commissioner Dwight attended the CDMA meeting (representing the Dogpatch Business Association) and the first Small Business Week planning meeting.
            Commissioner Adams attended the CDMA meeting (representing the Castro Merchants).
            Commissioner Dooley continues to attend monthly meetings with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) (representing Neighborhood Commercial Districts (NCDs)).
Public Comment: No members of the public requested to speak.
  1. New Business. (Discussion Item)
Commissioner Adams thanked Director Dick-Endrizzi for the list.
Public Comment: No members of the public requested to speak.
  1. Adjournment. (Action Item)
Motion: Commissioner Adams motioned to adjourn.
2nd: Commissioner Yee Riley.
Aye: All in favor.
Nay: None.
Absent: Commissioner Ortiz-Cartagena.
Motion passed, 6-0, 1 absent.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 PM.