Business Assistance Grant

The Business Assistance Grant for fiscal year 2018-19 for the Legacy Business Program was issued on Tuesday, June 19, 2018. On this website are the grant application form and a spreadsheet for calculating the number of full-time equivalent employees. There are also links to the Legacy Business Registry and the Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund in the San Francisco Administrative Code. Grant applications will be accepted beginning July 1, 2018, and are due by October 1, 2018.


Business Assistance Grant Application, 2018-19

ENGLISH: Application (Writable File)

CHINESE: 商業援助補助金申請

SPANISH: Solicitud de subsidio de asistencia empresarial

TAGALOG: Pagkakaloob ng Tulong sa Negosyo Aplikasyon


Business Assistance Grant FTE Worksheet, 2018-19

ENGLISH: FTE Worksheet


SPANISH: Hoja de cálculo de FTE

TAGALOG: FTE Worksheet



Business Assistance Grant Rules and Regulations

San Francisco Adminstrative Code Section 2A.242: Legacy Business Registry

San Francisco Administrative Code Section 2A.243: Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund