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Requst For Quotes for Legacy Business Registry Marketing and Branding Program

The San Francisco Office of Small Business has issued a Request For Quotes seeking marketing and branding services to develop the following for the Legacy Business Registry: (1) a logo and brand identity; (2) collateral and public relations; (3) marketing; and (4) website design (landing page and registry page). Following are links to the Request For Quotes and Attachment A (Proposal Template):

RFQ #2017-LBP-001 Request For Quotes

RFQ #2017-LBP-001 Attachment A (Proposal Template)

RFQ #2017-LBP-001 Questions and Answers


A Change Notice was issued on Friday, August 18 to revise dates related to the Notice of Intent to Award a Contract and the Protest of Grant Award. Following is the revised Request For Quotes: 

RFQ #2017-LBP-001 Request For Quotes REVISED