2016 Honorees

Small Business Week 2016 Recognition Ceremony - "Celebrating Small Business: Tapping into Opportunities"

Mayor's Honorees

Black Bark BBQ
Black Bark BBQ with Mayor Ed Lee


Dragon Papa
Dragon Papa with Mayor Ed Lee


Gus Market
Gus's Community Market with Mayor Ed Lee


Le Mejor Bakery
Le Mejor Bakery with Mayor Ed Lee


SFFCU - Excelsior Branch
San Francisco Federal Credit Union - Excelsior Branch with Mayor Ed Lee


Green Apple Books - Not Pictured


Board of Supervisors' Honorees

District 1 - La Promenade Cafe
La Promenade Cafe - Supervisor Eric Mar, District 1


District 2 - Valentino Market
Valentino Market - Supervisor Mark Farrell, District 2


District 3 - Le Beau Nob Hill Market
Le Beau Nob Hill Market - Supervisor Aaron Peskin, District 3


District 4 - 3 Fish Studios
3 Fish Studios - Supervisor Katy Tang, District 4


District 5 - Blackthorn
Blackthorn - Supervisor London Breed, District 5


District 6 - Social Imprints
Social Imprints - Supervisor Jane Kim, District 6


District 7 - Twin Peaks Auto Care
Twin Peaks Auto Care - Supervisor Norman Yee, District 7


District 8 - Mitchell's Ice Cream
Mitchell's Ice Cream - Supervisor Scott Wiener, District 8


District 9 - Good Life Grocery
Good Life Grocery - Supervisor David Campos, District 9


District 10 - Economic Development on Third
Economic Development on Third - Supervisor Malia Cohen, District 10


District 11 - Daniel's Pharmacy
Daniel's Pharmacy - Supervisor John Avalos, District 11
Central Drug Store (Not Pictured) - Supervisor John Avalos, District 11


Small Business Commission's Honoree

Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector
Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector with President of Small Business
Commission and Executive Director of Office of Small Business