06-07-10 "No Smoking" Signage Requirements for Building Entrances Anticipated to Change

On April 24, 2010, amendments to the San Francisco Health Code Article 19F expanding protection from second-hand smoke went into effect.  There are important dates for business to know:

July 30, 2010 – Due Date for Applications for Exceptions. The types of businesses that are eligible for exception to continue to allow smoking inside their businesses are noted below, and must have met the outlined criteria by December 31, 2009. Click here for full details.

1) Bar/Taverns: without employees in a commercial building
2) Bar/Taverns: without employees in a mixed-use building (only if you intend to move to commercial)
3) Bar/Taverns: with historically compliant semi-enclosed smoking rooms
4) Tobacco Shops: Existing tobacco shops will be grandfathered in with the exception of tobacco shops that are located in mixed use/residential buildings.

Note: Bar/Taverns with outdoor side or rear patios DO NOT need to file an Application for Exception.

October 24, 2010 - No smoking will be allowed where food is served in outdoor dining areas of restaurants, cafes and coffee shops.  This includes sidewalk tables and chairs.

Effective Now:
1) Service Lines: No smoking within designated areas where customers are required to wait to do business including at ATMs, in ticket lines, movie theater lines, athletic event lines, concert event lines and at cab stands.
2) Building Entrances: Smoking permitted at the curb outside of commercial, multi-unit residential, and mixed use building entrances, exits and operable windows.  If there is no curb, no smoking within 15 feet of private commercial, multi unit residential, and mixed residential building entrances, exits and operable windows.  Note: As a business owner you are responsible for your customers, patrons and staff following these regulations.  The signage is intended to aide in communication of this regulation.

Current wording required for signs posted at building entrances states:  "Smoking only at the curb or at least 15 ft. from exits, entrances, and operable windows." The wording for required signs to be posted at building entrances will be revised to match the in Section 1009.22(e) regarding where smoking is permitted. Until the required wording for signs posted at building entrances is revised, the Department of Public Health will not be enforcing the requirement to post signs at building entrances. The Department of Public Health will make signs available once the wording has been revised. Click here for more information and new list of regulations. Information is available in Chinese and Spanish.

If you have any questions regarding this legislation, please contact the Executive Director of the Office of Small Business, Regina Dick-Endrizzi: 415-554-6481, regina.dick-endrizzi@sfgov.org