Resolutions Adopted by the Small Business Commission

Resolutions Adopted by the Small Business Commission

The Small Business Commission regularily adopts resolutions for businesses to be placed on the Legacy Business Registry and from time-to-time in support of certain public policy positions or to encourage an action by a particular individual, organization, or group.  Resolutions adopted by the Small Business Commission are listed below.



Resolution No. 001-16-SBC [Super Bowl 50]

Resolution No. 002-16-SBC [Legacy Business Program - Legacy Business Registry - Historical Preservation Fund Business Assistance Grant]

Link to Webpage with Legacy Business Program Resolutions (2016)


Resolution No. 001-13-SBC [Supporting SF Small Business Development Center Proposal]


Resolution No. 001-11-SBC [Resolution Supporting Small Businesses Displaced by the America's Cup Racing Event and Facilities]

Resolution No. 002-11-SBC [Supporting the Passage of Senate Bill 32 (Leno)]

Resolution No. 003-11-SBC [Supporting the Passage of Assembly Bill 153 (Skinner)]


Resolution No. 001-10-SBC [Supporting the Passage of SB 1373 (Leno)]

Resolution No. 002-10-SBC [Requesting that the City Attorney Submit an Amicus Curiae Brief in Support of the Adverse Judgement Against Les Jankey in California Supreme Court Case No. S180890, Jankey v. Lee]


Resolution No. 001-09-SBC [Urging the Board of Supervisors not to support a municipal election to be held June 2, 2009, for the purpose of submitting revenue and fiscal measures to the voters]


Resolution No. 002-08-SBC [Supporting Small Businesses Facing Serial Lawsuits]


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