Commission Meetings - September 12, 2016 - Agenda

Meeting Date: 
September 12, 2016 - 5:30pm
City Hall, Room 400
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States
Mark Dwight, President
Stephen Adams, Vice President
Kathleen Dooley, William Ortiz-Cartagena
Irene Yee Riley, Paul Tour-Sarkissian, Miriam Zouzounis
  1. Call to order and roll call.
  1. Presentation and Possible Action to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors File No. 160553 – Planning Code - Signs - Exemptions and General Advertising Sign Penalties. Ordinance amending the Planning Code to clarify that all noncommercial Signs are exempt from regulation pursuant to Planning Code, Article 6; increase penalties for repeat violations for the display of illegal General Advertising Signs; shorten the time before penalties for General Advertising Sign violations begin to accrue; allow property liens for such penalties that go unpaid; affirming the Planning Department’s determination under the California Environmental Quality Act; and making findings of consistency with the General Plan, and the eight priority policies of Planning Code, Section 101.1, and a finding of public necessity, convenience, and welfare under Planning Code, Section 302. (Discussion and Possible Action Item)  
Explanatory Documents: Legislative Digest; Legislation
Presenter(s): Sunny Angulo, Legislative Aide, Office of Supervisor Peskin
  1. General Public Comment. Allows members of the public to comment generally on matters that are within the Small Business Commission’s jurisdiction but not on today's calendar, and suggest new agenda items for the Commission’s future consideration. (Discussion Item)
  1. Presentation and Possible Action to make recommend to the Board of Supervisors on a resolution authorizing the Office of Small Business to expend grant funds in the amount of up to $1,000,000 to disburse grants to Qualified Legacy Businesses who apply for business assistance grants between October 1, 2016 and December 15, 2016.
Explanatory Documents: Resolution
Presenter(s):       Regina Dick-Endrizzi, Director Office of Small Business
  1. Presentation and Discussion for proposed rules and regulations to administer Administrative Code 2A.243 (c), The Rent Stabilization Account. (Discussion and Possible Action)
Presenter(s):       Regina Dick-Endrizzi, Executive Director, Office of Small Business
  1. Update on the Legacy Business Program (Discussion Item)
Presenter(s):       Richard Kurylo, Legacy Business Program Manager
  1. Approval of meeting minutes (Action Item)
Explanatory Documents:
  1. Director’s Report: Update and report on the Office of Small Business and the Small Business Assistance Center, update on department programs, recent announcement from the Mayor, newly introduced policy matters, update on legislative matters, and announcements regarding small business activities. (Discussion Item)
  1. Commissioners’ Reports: Allows President, Vice President, and Commissioners to report on recent small business activities and make announcements that are of interest to the small business community.  (Discussion Item)
  1. New Business: Allows Commissioners to introduce new agenda items for future consideration by the Commission. (Discussion Item)
  1. Adjournment (Action Item)