Legislation Impacting Small Business

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The Small Business Commission (SBC) reviews pertinent small business legislation and policy matters and makes recommendations to the sponsor of the legislation, including the Mayor, Board of Supervisors, or department. With your comments, the Commission will be better equipped to advocate for you and your business.

This page lists current and recent legislation of interest to the Small Business Commission (for information about cannabis, click here). To alert the Commission of additional legislation or to submit comments, please email us or use the web form at the bottom of this page. 

Small Business Commission meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 5:30 PM and the 4th Monday of each month at 2:00 PM in Room 400. Please check back periodically for changes and special meeting times. Commission meetings are open to the public and broadcast live on SFGTV.

Legislation of Interest to the Small Business Commission 
(updated 10/6/17)


BOS File No. 170209 [Police Code - Bicycle Chop Shops] (Heard by SBC 9/11/17; Recommendation: Approve)
BOS File No. 170418 [Planning Code - Commercial Uses in Polk Street and Pacific Avenue Neighborhood Commercial Districts; Technical and Other Amendments] (Heard by SBC 6/12/17; Recommendation: Approve)
BOS File No. 170419 [Planning Code - Commercial Uses in North Beach; Technical and Other Amendments] (Heard by SBC 6/12/17; Recommendation: Approve with Provision)
BOS File No. 170514 [Planning Code - Fulton Street Grocery Store Special Use District] (Heard by SBC 7/24/17; Recommendation: Approve)
BOS File No. 170553 [Public Works Code - Waiver of Temporary Street Space Occupancy Fee for Small Business Week Sidewalk Sales] (SBC Recommendation: Approve)
BOS File No. 170599 [Public Works, Police Codes - Prohibiting Autonomous Delivery Devices on Sidewalks and Right-of-Ways] (Heard by SBC 7/24/17; Recommendation: Do Not Approve; Resolution)
BOS File No. 170674 [Administrative Code - Cannabis Regulation - Establish an Office of Cannabis]
BOS File No. 170837 [Building Code - Mandatory Disability Access Improvements - Extension of Time For Compliance and Report to the Board of Supervisors] (Heard by SBC 8/14/17; Recommandation: Approve)
BOS File No. 170864 [Planning Code, Zoning Map - Pier 70 Special Use District]
BOS File No. 170867 [Environment Code - Flame Retardant Chemicals in Upholstered Furniture and Juvenile Products]  (Heard by SBC 10/2/17; Recommandation: Approve)
BOS File No. 170869 [Police Code - Noise Permits for Construction at Night]
BOS File No. 170870 [Building, Fire Codes - Fire Alarm System Upgrade Requirements]
BOS File No. 170921 [Administrative Code - Establish a Trial Local Business Enterprise Joint Venture and Core Discipline Incentive Program]
BOS File No. 170938 [Planning Code, Zoning Map - 1629 Market Street Special Use District]
BOS File No. 170982 [Planning Code - North Beach, Telegraph Hill, Broadway and Chinatown Area Controls; Formula Retail]
BOS File No. 171041 [Planning Code - Cannabis Regulation]
BOS File No. 171042 [Various Codes - Regulation of Cannabis Businesses]
BOS File No. 170865 [Zoning - Interim Moratorium on Medical Cannabis Dispensaries] (Heard by SBC 8/14/17; Recommendation: Approve with 1 Condition; Passed)
BOS File No. 170859 [Administrative Code - Establishing an Office of Cannabis and Extending the Term of the Cannabis State Legalization Task Force] (Passed)
BOS File No. 170693 [Planning Code - Child Care Facilities] (Passed)
BOS File No. 170516 [Planning Code - Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Supervisorial District 11] (Heard by SBC 7/10/17; Recommendation: Do Not Approve; Passed)
We encourage your attendance at our bi-weekly Small Business Commission meetings.  You may also use this form to provide feedback on the above described legislation or send comments to SBC@sfgov.org.
Email the Board of Supervisors at Board.Of.Supervisors@sfgov.org or go to www.sfbos.org to locate the contact information for individual Supervisors and their staff.