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(Last update: 10/21/17, 10:16pm)
Staff Notes: MAUCRSA (selected topics, organized thematically) (updated 9/24/17)
Staff Notes: MAUCRSA License Types (updated 9/23/17)
Bureau of Cannabis Control Temporary License Application Information (Distributor, Retailer, Microbusiness, Testing) -- applications open in late November (estimated)
San Francisco
Regulatory Structure (BOS File No. 171042 -- Various Codes) Leg Ver1, Leg Dig Ver1
Land Use (BOS File No. 171041 -- Planning Code)  Leg Ver2, Leg Dig Ver2
Office of Cannabis Website <--- Cannabis Business Registration (open 9/26-11/9) - Ask OSB staff for guidance
--> Watch 10/2 presentations to learn about both ordinances <-- (skip to 50:50 and watch until 2:20:25)
Santa Rosa
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