ADA Resources for Your Small Business

The Office of Small Business is here to help you understand the complex rules and regulations surrounding ADA requirements, ways to bring your business into compliance and mitigate possible lawsuits, and resources that can help you along the way. Remember, accessibility is good for business! Click here for details surrounding state and federal laws that govern access requirements. 

       • Access Information Notice (req'd by Administrative Code Chapter 38)
          *Landlords must provide this brochure to tenant at time of lease execution or amendment for spaces
           7,500 sq. ft. or less.*

          (This brochure prints on 11x17 paper. Call 415-554-6134 or email if you would like one
          mailed to you.

          [English]  [Chinese]  [Spanish]  [Tagalog]
          [Russian]  [Vietnamese]  [Japanese]  [Thai]

        Disability Access Obligations Notice (req'd by Administrative Code Chapter 38)
(Sample lease language)

         [English]  [Chinese]  [Spanish]  [Tagalog]
         [Russian]  [Vietnamese]  [Japanese]

        ADA Requirements Overview
         [English]  [Chinese]  [Spanish]  [Tagalog] 
         [Russian]  [Vietnamese]  [Japanese]

        ADA Guidelines for Small Businesses (Booklet)

      How to Choose a Certified Access Specialist (CASp)
        [English] [Chinese] [Spanish] [Tagalog]
        [Russian] [Vietnamese] [Japanese]

      • Handout of Certified Access Specialists (CASp) Serving San Francisco  - LOCAL
        [English]  [Chinese]  [Spanish]

      • Database of Certified Access Specialists (CASp) Serving San Francisco - STATEWIDE

      • Loans for ADA Compliance
[English]  [Chinese]  [Spanish]

      • ADA Tax Credits and Deductions
       [English]  [Chinese]  [Spanish]  [Tagalog] 
       [Russian]  [Vietnamese]  [Japanese] 

     • The Bar Association of SF's Lawyer Referral and Information Service
         [English]  [Chinese]  [Spanish]  [Tagalog]

      • New Disabled Access Regulations Effective August 1, 2012
        Department of Building Inspection Website

      • ADA Guidelines for Service and Support Animals

* Video: "ADA Compliance for Small Businesses" 
This workshop is presented by the Office of Supervisor Carmen Chu and the Bar Association of San Francisco. Learn about: Overview of Americans with Disability Act (ADA), compliance with the ADA, how to respond to lawsuits, loan programs for construction, legal services available, and much more.  

* Lawyer Referral and Information Service
The Bar Association of San Francisco provides a lawyer referral service to help small businesses with ADA compliance issues find pre-screened, competent, and affordable legal assistance. 30-minute consultations are available for $35, or request an attorney for full representation.
Call (415) 989-1616 or visit

Attorney Referral Chinese

 *La Asociación de la Barra de San Francisco proporciona un servicio de referencia de abogado para ayudar a pequeños negocios encontran asistencia legal económica para asuntos de conformidad con la ley para personas incapacidades (ADA) y otros asuntos legales de negocio. La referencia y consulta de 30 minutos está disponible por $35, o pueden solicitar a un abogado para representación. Para más información, llame al (415) 989-1616 o visita la pagina de internet